Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Recordings) - Media Management Process (updated)

[Update: The University of Wisconsin System's Blackboard Collaborate contract, and the ingestion of new recordings, ended on 06/30/21. Recordings migrated to Kaltura before 06/30/21 are still available in Kaltura, in accordance with UWS's video retention processes.]
The University of Wisconsin System (including Madison) has adopted a new media management process governing how long Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings are kept on Blackboard servers. The new process began in December 2020 and was extensively revised in January 2021. This process was necessitated by dramatic increases throughout 2020 in the volume of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings and strict vendor limits on the amount of storage allocated for these recordings.

New Recordings  - Course Related

Starting on 01/04/2021,  the following process will manage new web conference recordings created in UW System's Canvas-integrated instances of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Older Recordings - Course Related

In December 2020, the following Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recording processes went into effect to clean up recordings made prior to 01/04/21:

Managing Migrated Recordings

Regardless of when the recordings were made, the following processes describe how instructors can manage their Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings which have been migrated to Kaltura:

Excluded Recordings

Recordings made on the My Wisconsin Portal-integrated instance and the manually-created instances of Collaborate Ultra are currently outside of the scope of this media management process. They represent a small percentage of total recordings. Users are encouraged to manually delete unneeded recordings.

Blackboard Collaborate Original (the Java-based interface) has been retired by the vendor, and all Blackboard Collaborate Original recordings will be deleted by the vendor no later than June 2021.

Deleted Recordings

Users can recover a Collaborate Ultra recording deleted from Blackboard's servers by submitting a ticket to Blackboard Collaborate Support within 30 days of the deletion. For more information, see the Recovering Deleted Recordings guide.

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