Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Recordings) - Sharing Recordings After They Are Copied to Kaltura

[The University of Wisconsin System Blackboard Collaborate contract, and access to recordings on Blackboard's servers, ended on 06/31/21. Recordings already migrated to Kaltura should continue to be available through Kaltura.]
Starting in December 2020, new Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings made in Canvas by users at University of Wisconsin System institutions (including Madison) will be automatically copied to Kaltura within 24 hours, then deleted from Blackboard's servers 45 days after creation. Because of this 45 day limit, we recommend that instructors share the Kaltura versions of their recordings with their students, rather than the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra versions. This guide will answer instructors' questions about how to share recordings with students after the recordings are in Kaltura.

For a detailed overview of which Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings are copied to Kaltura and when, see Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Recordings) - Media Management Process (updated).

Once the recordings are in Kaltura, here are three easy ways that instructors can share them with students.

Media Gallery

The Kaltura integration with Canvas includes the Media Gallery, "a common space for videos within a course. Anyone enrolled in the course can see videos in Media Gallery. Instructors can place media from their My Media account and students can submit videos that will be displayed after they are approved by the instructor" (from UW Oshkosh's Enable the Media Gallery guide).

This makes the Media Gallery an excellent way for instructors to share Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings in a central repository with students, instead of embedding recordings into specific course content. 

For instructions, see the general Kaltura - Media Gallery guide and UW Milwaukee's excellent video and guide on adding multiple Blackboard Collaborate recordings to my Canvas course site using the Media Gallery:

Embedded in Course Content

An instructor can easily embed Kaltura videos (including Blackboard Collaborate recordings) into into any Canvas Page, Assignment, Discussion, or Quiz which uses Canvas's rich text editor. For example, an instructor could embed the recording from the Week 3 class session into a page in the Week 3 Module, so students can see it when they're reviewing that week's materials.

To embed Kaltura videos directly into Canvas course components, see the Kaltura - Inserting Videos in Canvas guide.


Once the Media Gallery has been added to the course (above), the instructor can also choose videos for a playlist, which appear in a single playlist player.

Kaltura playlist player divided into two parts, with a full size video on the left side and the titles of three videos in the playlist arranged in a horisontal list on the right side.

See the Kaltura - Creating Manual Playlists guide for detailed instructions on how to create a playlist. Indiana University also has a nice guide: Creating Playlists in Kaltura Media Gallery in Canvas.

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