Canvas Quiz Creation - Tips & Suggestions

This page provides a list of tips and suggestions to consider while creating online quizzes in Canvas.

  • Determine what level of proctoring & restrictions are appropriate for an assignment
    Faculty and students alike will have widely varying opinions on the use of proctoring tools, especially regarding the aspects that involve webcam monitoring at home. Remember that you can use the lockdown and screen recording functions of proctoring tools without requiring webcam recording. Consider the normal conditions an assignment would have in a face-to-face course when determining how you set your proctoring options. For example, students would be able to work together on a weekly homework assignment, but not for an in-class test. That's not to say that you need to use the same exact criteria online as you would for face-to-face version of your course, but it is one factor to consider. One other thing to keep in mind is the fact that introducing additional steps or software into a process can bring up new technical hurdles, no matter how reliable the program or technology is.