Technology Acquisition Requests

The Technology Acquisition Request process is designed to ensure that any technology or software needs for the university are procured in a secure and efficient manner.

All software or technology requests are evaluated to satisfy three criteria:
  1. Compliance with relevant information security policies to provide protection of student, staff, and university data
  2. Avoidance of duplication of university resources to reduce operational inefficiency
  3. Insurance of resource availability for short-term implementation and long-term continuity of business
General information about Purchasing Technology can be obtained from Business Services:

The Technology Acquisition Request form can be found here:

UW System Administrative Policies governing information security can be found in UW System's Polices and Procedures:

The internal evaluation process for Technology Acquisition Requests is as follows:
  1. Requester completes their portion of the form
  2. Requester submits the form to CTS
    • Currently, Nick Brumback serves as the Reviewer
  3. Form is reviewed and product is evaluated, with participation from other CTS members where appropriate and through conversation with the vendor
  4. For product to be approved:
    • Does the proposed solution meet UW System and UWP information security requirements? Yes
    • Is there an existing solution that meets the business/educational need for the proposed software? No
    • Does CTS have the required resources required for implementation? Yes or N/A
    • Does CTS have the resources required for ongoing maintenance? Yes or N/A
    • Is the proposed timeline of implementation possible? Yes, or CTS can conditionally approve if counter-proposed time is agreed to by the Requestor
  5. Reviewer signs and passes to the CIO as the Approver
  6. Approver signs and returns Approved/Denied form to Requestor
    • If Approved, Requester submits to Purchasing
    • If Denied, Requester can engage IT for further assistance; all Denials will have an explanation provided
Elements of the Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool will be used to evaluate proposed solutions' compliance with information security polices. More information on the HECVAT can be found at Educause:

Full HECVAT assessments may be used for applications with significantly high risk.

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